Tincture Collection

  Full spectrum oral tinctures are ideal for chronic inflammation, discomfort, anxiety, and sleep.  We recommend using daily for maximum efficacy.  Here you can find the flavor profile that matches your palate preference. When choosing a dosage, we suggest to "start low and go slow" to titrate your dose up to the desired affect.

Topicals Collection

  Our topicals offer two robust profiles for your choosing. We have a menthol based cooling roll-on and a capsaicin rich warming balm. Both are effective at relieving muscle and joint aches. Our topical products offer higher CBD content than many of our competitors.  We feel strongly that these higher doses in the topicals increase their effectiveness.
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Why Us?

With 40 years of combined medical experience, we realize the need for a quality CBD product that has been responsibly grown and harvested.  Ro. Seventeen is dedicated to creating the perfect balance of purity, potency, and effectiveness.   Our plants are grown from seed to harvest on our family farm and are painstakingly nurtured throughout the entire growing process.  Ro. Seventeen is committed to producing a spectacular product that you will love.

May They All Be Row 17

  • David Garcia PA-C

    David is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ro. Seventeen. David is a Certified Physician Assistant with 13 years of experience in Emergency Medicine and 3 years in Gerontology. His undergraduate degree is from Arizona State University and his Master's of Physician Assitant Practices from the University of Southern California.

  • Makaela McNett NP

    Makaela is the Co-Founder of Ro. Seventeen and CFO. She is a certified Nurse Practicioner with extensive background in Emergency Medicine and Mobile Urgent care. She has a Nursing Degree from Washburn University and her Masters of Science in Nursing and Nurse Practicioner from Azusa Pacific University.

  • Rhonda McNett

    Rhonda is the Farm Manager. She has 35 years of banking, farming, and ranching experience. Rhonda handles the day to day operations and manages compliance and communication with the department of agriculture. She has her hand in everything to keep the farm running smoothly.

  • Jed Massoth

    Jed is our Master Grower. He has a background in mechanics and aerospace engineering. He is responsible for mechanical operations, irrigation, and soil conservation. He ensures our plants are top quality and result in high yield production.