Our Story

Welcome to the family farm of Ro. Seventeen! 

    We started this adventure of growing hemp several years ago with the passing of the bipartisan 2018 Farm Bill.  Our driving force at Ro. Seventeen is family, community and quality.  Woodson County, in southeast Kansas, is a place rich in farming tradition.    The hemp is grown on a 10 acre plot on our farm.  The Farm Bill was groundbreaking for industrial hemp, as it proposed a law to remove hemp from Schedule I controlled substances making it an ordinary agricultural commodity. After an enormous amount of research and perseverance we were able to produce a truly exceptional product that we are thrilled to offer to you today.  You can take comfort knowing that we have obsessed over every plant that we have produced using sustainable methods.

     Our purpose is to create a company that grows and benefits individual wellness and one that provides jobs to the community.  Ro. Seventeen took a calculated risk on a plant that,  we believe, has incredible potential for its many uses.  We are the first farm to plant hemp in Woodson County in over 70 years. 

high cbd hemp field sunset


Why do you call yourself Ro. Seventeen?

     Many people are curious about the origin of our name. Hemp grown for high CBD is grown in rows.  We number our rows from 1-30.  Our first year growing CBD the row that stood with exceptional plant quality was row 17. We were able to identify many things that we did well on this row.  Ro. Seventeen began to evolve into a mindset and mantra.  Ro. Seventeen is the gold standard and every plant that we put in the ground will be held to that standard.


Are their health benefits to CBD?

    The short answer is absolutely!  CBD is gaining traction with some good evidence-based studies that are showing benefits to certain conditions.  Specifically there are studies that show CBD may significantly decrease inflammation that results in decreased pain and improved wellbeing.  There are also studies that suggest that taking CBD can decrease agitation and mild anxiety.  CBD has also been shown to improve spasticity for some multiple sclerosis (MS) patients.  At high doses, CBD has been used to treat certain types of seizures that have been refractory to other medications.  CBD has also successfully been used to help achieve a more restful sleep.    More recently, there has also been a study that using CBD prior to exercise can actually enhance enjoyment during your workout.   At Ro. Seventeen we feel that it is extremely important to follow these studies to ensure that we are dealing with a product that is helpful to people and not harmful.  We will continue to be a source for evidence-based studies about CBD.  These studies should be taken into account when deciding whether our product is right for you.   It is very important to consult your primary doctor before using any new medicines or supplements including CBD.  We are committed to making people's lives better. 


 "May They All Be Row 17"